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About Our Food

At Pit Fiend Barbecue, quality is paramount. This extends from the wood we burn to the ethically and sustainably raised heritage pork and USDA Prime beef brisket on our menu. We promise to never serve anything that we wouldn't eat ourselves. When you sit around our table, you're a part of our adventuring party, and it's our role to fortify you against the challenges ahead with a fulfilling and satisfying meal.

Eat good. Fight evil.

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Our Beef


Pit Fiend is proud to serve USDA Prime Beef Brisket from Creekstone Farms, the same briskets cooked and served at Franklin Barbecue in Austin, TX.  We learned our craft at Owlbear Barbecue from a seasoned Texas pitmaster, and we employ many of the same techniques from Austin's top BBQ joints when smoking our brisket.

Learn more about our brisket and the beef we use.

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Our Pork


At Pit Fiend Barbecue, we use heritage breed Duroc pork from Comfrey Farms for all of our smoked pork BBQ. Known for its superior flavor over commodity pork, Duroc also stands out against other heritage breeds such as Berkshire for have properties favorable to low-and-slow cooking.

Learn more about Duroc pork and Comfrey Farms.

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Our Sauces


Great barbecue needs no sauce—but we love it anyway!

Our sauces draw inspiration from the many cultures and cuisines that have embraced live fire cooking throughout history. Not only do we embrace the wide variety of sauces prevalent in American regional styles of BBQ, we broaden our horizons to incorporate the flavors of global barbecue as well.

Learn more about our rotating house-made sauces.

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Our Sausage


Before opening Pit Fiend, our cooks launched the sausage program for Owlbear Barbecue. Some of those recipes have been carried on, supplemented by plenty of new creations and internationally inspired links. All of our sausages are made in house with freshly ground Duroc pork, USDA Prime beef, and premium spices. Join us each week for a savory new selection and let us take your taste buds on a meaty journey.

Learn more about our house-made smoked sausages.

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