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About Our Beef

At Pit Fiend Barbecue, we use USDA Prime beef for our Texas-style smoked brisket (served daily) as well as our recurring beef BBQ specials like pastrami, barbacoa, prime rib, and various beef sausages made in-house from USDA Prime ground beef. Experience the finest facets of beef-based barbecue at Pit Fiend.


Why Use Prime?

As the cooking team at Owlbear Barbecue, we maintained a standard of quality worthy of Central Texas pitmasters. At Pit Fiend Barbecue, we strive for an even higher standard in everything we do. We fuel our pits with Colorado-grown white oak logs (no gas assist), we make all our sauces in-house from scratch, and we commit to only serving ethically-raised USDA Prime brisket. 

The benefits of Prime beef are widely acknowledged for cuts with lots of intramuscular fat, also known as "marbling", such as ribeye and strip steak. Brisket is often overlooked because the majority of its fat forms a thick cap across the top surface of the brisket. But bite into a slice of the fatty brisket point and you'll find a great deal of marbling in USDA Prime brisket that lower grades of meat cannot replicate. It's true that a talented pitmaster can turn even low-quality meat into great BBQ. At Pit Fiend, we believe we can elevate our food even further by sourcing the highest quality meat on the market. Why settle?

Creekstone Farms

We source our USDA Prime beef brisket from Creekstone Farms, infamous for provisioning Austin, TX's Franklin Barbecue. The U.S. Black Angus beef raised at Creekstone Farms produces a more tender and flavorful product when smoked at Pit Fiend Barbecue. 

From farming to processing, Creekstone's commitment to quality impacts every facet of the beef they produce. Their humane and ethical treatment of animals means high quality feed and a comfortable, low-stress life. Like Creekstone Farms, we at Pit Fiend know that a happier cow produces a tastier, more tender brisket.

 CLICK HERE  to learn more about Creekstone Farms.

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Beyond Brisket

While beef is not the most prolific protein on our menu, we occasionally serve several other variations of beef brisket, as well as other off-menu specials on a rotating basis.

After our famous Central Texas-style brisket, our most cravable beef special is our New York-style pastrami, brined for 2 weeks and slow smoked with caraway, coriander, and black pepper. Come try our pastrami on the first Sunday of every month!

Other beef specials are available for catering or special events, including NorCal tri-tip steak, prime rib roast, brisket barbacoa, and beef back ribs. Call for availability, or follow us on instagram for updates.

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