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Welcome to the Pit Fiend family!

At Pit Fiend Barbecue, our team is committed to uplifting the Denver RiNo community we call home. Since our inception, we have relied upon the help and support of friends, family, and devoted customers to realize our vision of world class barbecue cooked in a high altitude environment. The outpouring of support we've recieved from our peers and patrons has inspired us to take our barbecue to the next level by exploring the full depth and breadth of live fire cooking worldwide.

Our thanks to all those who continue to support our vision of widely accessible, quality barbecue in the Denver metro area is to give back by sharing the knowledge and experience we gather on this journey. As we continue to learn about the full depth and breadth of live fire cooking traditions worldwide, we will be recording our experiences

translating those techniques and practices to the unique constraints of cooking at elevation. Our goal is to make Colorado barbecue among the best in the world by breaking free of closely guarded traditions and trade secrets to make high-altitude cooking accessible to all barbecue afficionados.

At Pit Fiend Barbecue, we believe that barbecue is for everyone, young or old, vegetarian or carnivore. No matter your relationship with barbecue, from casual diners to devoted pitmasters, we hope our cooking will inspire you to take your own risks in and out of the kitchen. Cooking barbecue is a grand adventure that is best undertaken in good company. Will you join us?

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